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Available for Hire  
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The SCHMiDT 3530 wheel loader is designed with bent, swinging steering system. This allows the loader to a stable contact with the ground and move with maximum traction. As a result, the machine is extremely manageable.

Model     3530
Engine Model   Kubota D1105
  Emission certification   EURO3
  Output kW/rpm 18.5/1600 or 24.5/2000
  Cylinder   3
Capacity     1123
Cooling     Water-cooled
Electrical system V 12
Battery     60
Weights Operating weight (standard) 1700
  Max. lifting force (dan) 1100
Tipping loads in bucket (kg)
Lift frame horizontal & machine straight 1000/850
Lift horizontal machine articulated 750/550
Vehicle data      
Driving speed km/h 12
Capacity of fuel tank   26
Hydraulic oil   l 40
Hydraulic system, Hydraulic Driving
Output   l/min 84
Working pressure   bar 300
Hydraulic operation
Output   l/min 32
Working pressure   bar 180
A Bar width mm 830
B Ground clearance mm 174
C Track width mm 803
D Total width mm 1110
E Total working height mm 3440
F Max. height of bucket pivot mm 2900
G Overhead loading height mm 2596
H Max. dumping height mm 2066
I Operating distance for M mm 613
J Digging deptd mm 170
K Axle center mm 550
L Wheelbase mm 1370
M Rear overhang mm 960
N Total lenght witdout bucket mm 2960
O Total lenght witd standard bucket mm 3780
P Coupler height mm 585
Q Seat height mm 1128
R Height to top of ROPS bar mm 2210
S Rollback angle at max. liting height deg. 49
T Max. dumping angle deg. 43
X Min. turning radius mm 2590
Y Radius at tde outer edge mm 2220
Z Inside turning radius mm 1110
U Backroll angle on tde ground deg. 50
V Departure angle deg. 25
W Turn angle deg. 45
Width 27 x 8.5-15 mm 970
Width 26 x 12-12 AS mm 1110
3530 SCHMiDT Wheel Loader3530 SCHMiDT Wheel Loader